When I was a little girl, that little girl who is still naive and innocent to this rotten world. I truly and honestly loved my father. To me, he’s perfect. He’s responsible, honest, dependable, understanding or that’s what I thought.

When I grew up, I can finally see through the blindfold of my childhood the reality of what my father really is. My vision to him shattered in just one single snap and I was horrified of the monster he really was.

He was everything you wanted in the good times but at the worst times, he’s the most disgusting creature.

A liar. Two faced. Hypocrite. And I shivered to the thought that I once saw him as a perfect man.

And my heart was broken that the man I once trusted shattered me in just one single snap. He should be my hero. My first love. My basis for the boy I will marry. But he was not. He became the type of guy I wouldn’t want to be in my life, the type of guy I would never wish to marry.



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